Disabled & D/deaf Writers Caucus Agenda

This page will serve as an archive for the AWP Disability Caucus agendas from each year & include information on how to access meeting minutes.


AWP Disability Caucus AGENDA 2016

April 1, 2016

I. Welcome [Jim Ferris, nominated Caucus President]
II. Introductions and Sign-In Info [Kelly Davio, nominated Secretary]
III. Business Items      [Sheila Black & Ellen McGrath Smith, nominated Vice Presidents]

1. Accomplishments

  1. Acceptance of the 1st AWP Disability Caucus
  2. No off-site events will be posted by AWP unless they are confirmed as being held at accessible venues. Thank you to those who helped make this possible.
  3. New AWP Disability Caucus website to serve as an archive & resource during the year
  4. New AWP Disability Caucus facebook & twitter pages to stay connected throughout

2. Approval of the Caucus Bylaws (project or pass out, made public in March)

  1. Secretary should put forth for a vote the confirmation of the bylaws, (circulated &/or projected now) as posted in draft form on the Caucus website in March
  2. Secretary should record vote (paper, hands, “aye” according to the wishes of the Executive Board)

3. Board Election (project or pass out slate of nominees, made public in March)

       Executive Board

  1. Jim Ferris, Caucus President
  2. Sheila Black, Caucus Vice-Presiden
    Ellen McGrath Smith, Caucus Vice-President
  3. Kelly Davio, Caucus Secretary
  4. Jennifer Bartlett, Caucus Communications Coordinator

      Advisory Board

  1. Meg Day
  2. Mike Northen
  3. Jillian Weise
  1. Secretary should announce each nominee then ask for a vote (paper, hands, “aye” according to the wishes of the Executive Board)
  2. Congratulate the new Executive Board of 2016-2018

 4. Call for Panel Proposals for AWP 2017


  1. Call for Panel Proposals at 2017 AWP in Washington DC
  2. Call for reports on proposed panels from 2016 for purposes of archive & website.

IV. Discussion  [Jim Ferris, Caucus President elect]


  1. Open Agenda Contribution #1 – Call for a SubGroup on Literary Journals
    How can we encourage literary journals and publishers to view disability as part of diversity (and therefore make it a point to include it in their calls for diverse submissions, etc)?
  2. Open Agenda Contribution #2 – Call for a SubGroup on AWP Disability Guidelines
    Including but not limited to encouraging AWP to require panels to provide the accommodation materials (hard copies, large print, etc) or risk future panel eligibility
  3. Open Agenda Contribution #3 – Call for a SubGroup for Next Year’s AWP in DC
    How can we act now to begin planning readings & panels so that the submissions numbers for disability-related panels & readings are higher & harder to ignore?

V. Adjourn [Jim Ferris, Caucus President elect]