AWP 2017


Since 2015, the Disabled & D/deaf Writers Caucus has been working to increase accessibility and inclusivity in literary circles. One of the most prominent opportunities for participation in the national literary community is the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, which will come to Washington, D.C. in February 2017. The materials shared here can be used and circulated freely. We hope that they raise awareness of the issues at hand, and encourage a welcoming spirit of event planning.



Please note that the “DC Hosting Venues” document indexes both accessible AND inaccessible spaces, in the spirit of providing as much information to participants as possible. These notes are compiled in good faith, based on research, but ALWAYS contact the hosting venue to confirm accessibility, as circumstances may change anytime.


Have additional information, suggestions, or corrections regarding DC venues? Please tell us. We anticipate this document being updated between now and February 2017.


Are you interested in helping to create a “Hosting Venues” document when the AWP Conference comes to your town? If so, please let us know. We can provide templates and support.


For general queries, please contact AWPdisabilitycaucus_at_gmail_dot_com ; please include a cc to Sandra Beasley, at sandrabeasley_at_earthlink_dot_net, particular to this initiative.